Kingfisher radio segments will be produced as chapters in the story of addictions, how they’re ripping through our communities and what we can do about it.

This is an open dialog page. Post your ideas in the comments section and we’ll include them here. You can also email us at

Future Chapters – comment below to leave your ideas for Kingfisher chapters

The Heroin Pipeline – Seems like there’s a pipeline passing through certain communities: Honesdale, Jeffersonville, others. Why is that? And what’s this pipeline look like?

Crime and Addiction – The connection is close. How much crime is due to addiction. We hear it’s as high as 90%. Is this true? Let’s find out and talk about it.

Treatment Options – What’s out there? Does it work? Do you need to be wealthy to afford treatment that sticks?

The Suboxone Debate – Is the new form of methadone helpful? Is it substituting one crutch for another? How long should people stay on it? Do people still use methadone?

Law Enforcement – What is the plan? Is there one? What is the training? What would be the number one thing that law enforcement wants to do and what do they need in order to do it?

Alternatives to Incarceration – Do drug courts and IPPs help? Are these available in all places? Who can be admitted into drug court, who cannot?

Addicted and Incarcerated – What happens? What can ex-cons hope for once they get out? Do people overdose in prison? What kind of services are there?

Families – The role and realities of families affected by addiction. Families can feel helpless, are they?

Narcan – It’s supposed to stop people from overdosing. Does it? How does it work? And what’s next: You give a person Narcan, then what?

The Stigma – It’s powerful. And it can stop people from getting help. What’s to be done for it?

From Using to Dealing – Some say dealing is a short step away from using and that there’s a very thin, ongoing line between the two. Who can talk to us about this?

The Rock Bottom Myth – The adage says an addicted person can’t get help until they hit rock bottom. Others say there is no such thing, or that there are many rock bottoms and you can keep hitting them. What’s the story here?



2 thoughts on “Tell Us Your Ideas

  1. Hello, I have been in recovery for 30 years, my husband over 20, it all came from 12 step programs. I am disappointed to see nothing on here about 12 step programs. Recovery is a spirit issue, this is something that money will not ever fix. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, there is a path that has already been blazed, it is the road less traveled. Drugs don’t play favorites, on this end of the county we have some long term recovery. I not sure why you all feel like you are so different, or will find a unique solution.


    1. Hi and thanks for your comment.
      The 12-step program has been noted in a number of our radio segments, probably at least half of them. I’d like to call particular attention to Episode 6 – Addicts Talking Truth. I hope you have a chance to listen. Be well and congratulations on your long-term recovery.


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